Nick Daniels III, Dumpstaphunk Bassist & New Orleans Music Luminary, Has Died in 2024

Nick Daniels III, Dumpstaphunk Bassist & New Orleans Music Luminary, Has Died in 2024

Nick Daniels III:-

Dumpstaphunk bassist and beloved music scene veteran Nick Daniels III passed away Friday, April 26th.

Born on July 2, 1955, he accepted no static that stood in his way and saw every day as an opportunity to add a little quirky sunshine to the world. His wife Marion, their kids and grandkids, as well as a vast community of heartbroken music enthusiasts, survive him. His passing is a severe blow to music culture in New Orleans and across the world. He was most renowned for his rubbery bass tone, his versatility as an instrumentalist and vocalist, and his hard-earned wisdom and worldview. don’t miss:- Colin Jost Celebrities and Journalists Mix at Parties for White House Correspondents Best Dinner In 2024

Every moment Nick Daniels was on stage was an opportunity to do what he did best, which was elevate the groove, from the vocal groups he began in his teens to his almost lifetime friendship with fellow Dumpstaphunk founder Ivan Neville and the Neville family in general (whose band, The Neville Brothers, featured Daniels for many years).

Nick Daniels III, along with fellow co-founder Tony Hall, made up half of the renowned two-man bass section of Dumpstaphunk. His influence on stage extended beyond just a funky bass line in whatever song he touched. He personified the collaborative spirit that allows art to transcend its component elements.

He moved to Austin, Texas when Hurricane Katrina devastated his house in his beloved city of New Orleans, but he would never quite replace Crescent City in his heart. He was always devoted to the New Orleans Saints, the culture, and the chance to party till morning. Though Daniels moved away from New Orleans, his devotion remained unwavering, much like his unwavering presence and the many pockets he helped establish.

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It’s hard to quantify his influence on the scene, funk, and his family, but it’s safe to say that every band, club, venue, and family he came into contact with cherished him. He tended to express his opinions with intelligence, elegance, and conviction and could always see the bright side of things, even in the worst of circumstances.

We here at Live For Live Music have always had a particular love for Mr. Daniels and his efforts. Nick was always ready for a chat with our representatives, pose for our many photographers, or just offer a kind word for any coverage we gave Dumpsta or his vast number of side projects and one-offs.

We at Live For Live Music would like to extend our sincere sympathies to his friends and family worldwide, the numerous admirers who came together for Jazz Fest in New Orleans, and, if I may be so brave as to tell my truth, the love and kindness he showed me.

“We gotta do it, ain’t nothin’ to it,” as Nick used to say.

Daniels continues to exist via the sounds of the musical community he dedicated his life to promoting, as well as in the memories of his friends, family, and admirers. In a joint remembrance of Daniels, they all keep sharing their personal stories, and their comments will be added to this narrative on an ongoing basis.

Bassist Robert Mercurio of Galactic said, “Nick Daniels had a true gift as a musician and singer.” “Nick Daniels possessed abilities that I could never fathom having.” However, I think my favourite thing about meeting Nick was how genuinely friendly he has always been to me. As a young bassist in the New Orleans music scene, it meant the world to me to see his great beaming smile and to sit and converse with him.

Lettuce’s Adam Deitch says, “It was a bittersweet birthday yesterday learning about my brother and bandmate Nick Daniels’s passing.” “This man was so strong and loving, and I always laughed at his sense of humour. Nick Daniels taught me so much about music.” If you were ever at a performance by the Neville Brothers, Dumpstaphunk, or Dr Klaw, you are aware of how his bass playing rocked the house and how his voice soars like an eagle of soul.

“I realized that every moment I had with him was a gift. According to Nigel Hall of Lettuce, “And if you knew him, you figured that out.” “Because you gained fresh knowledge each time you parted ways with him. He was a continual source of love and hope for me in times of need, and we had a great deal of respect for one another as musicians and vocalists.

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