Afroman reprises his 'Because I Got High' hit to make fun of Hunter Biden in 2024

Afroman reprises his ‘Because I Got High’ hit to make fun of Hunter Biden in 2024

Afroman’s ‘Hunter Got High’ mocks Biden family influence-peddling allegations

Afroman performed a fresh rendition of his 2000 hit song “Because I Got High,” mocking Hunter Biden.

In the original version, Afroman sings from the viewpoint of a miserably stoned person who attributes his current situation and missed opportunities on his marijuana use. The complete video for the remake, “Hunter Got High,” may be found on YouTube, according to a post made by Baste Records on X on Friday. don’t miss:- Eric Church’s 2024 Stagecoach Witnessing the performance was incredible. It’s best to Look and See.

“Hi, Hunter! In the video’s first scene, Afroman and a performer playing Hunter Biden pull up smoking in the back of a black SUV. “Roll another one of those congressional blunts, brotha.”

Singing, “He was gonna get his laptop fixed, but Hunter got high,” is Afroman.

“He ought to have allowed Hillary to wipe the entire hard drive. Along with the actor playing Hunter and a white-haired man wearing a mask impersonating President Biden, he sings, “But Hunter got high, Hunter got high, Hunter got high.”

Afroman’s latest song, which goes beyond the Hunter Biden laptop, also makes fun of the Biden family’s suspected influence peddling and the Secret Service’s announcement last summer that cocaine had been discovered at the White House, which ended the investigation without identifying the offender.

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“He believed he had a supply hidden somewhere, but Hunter became stoned. We are all aware of the reason behind the White House shutdown. The song goes, “Hunter got high, Hunter got high, Hunter got high.”

Afroman also makes fun of Hunter Biden’s painting business, which House Republicans have criticized for allegedly creating a conflict of interest between the White House and rich purchasers.

“Biden never used to start with B-U-Y,” the song continues. Hunter didn’t stop getting high until he did.”

“Until Hunter got high, Ukraine wasn’t part of the plan.” Before Hunter started using drugs, China wasn’t a huge fan. He would not divide it all with the huge, elderly man. However, Hunter “got high, got high, got high,” he exclaims.

Baste Records, founded by Matthew Azrieli, bills itself as a “harbinger of the counter culture to cancel culture.” 

Afroman Makes Sad Pivot to Conservative Hip-Hop with “Hunter Got High” Diss Track

In 2022, Afroman acknowledged his own need for money. It must be one of the reasons behind his political turn to conservatism with his new song, “Hunter Got High,” a remix of “Because I Got High” with a Hunter Biden theme.

To be honest, “Hunter Got High,” which was released by Baste Records—a “conservative music company” that made its “first venture into political satire” with the single—is a dreadful song. Claiming to be letting “everyone know that even Afroman is fed up with the way the Democrats are running the country,” it features Afroman substituting cliched allusions to the younger Biden’s numerous scandals and conspiracies for the lyrics of his stoner masterpiece from 2001. These are not only unfunny, but they also manage to take the song’s catchiness out of it.

The song opens with the line, “He was gonna get his laptop fixed, but Hunter got high/ He wasn’t gonna show all those dick pics, but then he got high.” It then jams more sloppy, overused jokes into an elongated four minutes. To be honest, the only enjoyable portion of the entire song is the last few words, in which Afroman makes a passing allusion to his recent legal turmoil.

That’s actually what makes the new single so disappointing: putting aside its reactionary politics, it comes off as a heartless cash grab that is much beyond Afroman’s abilities. His 2023 releases, “Lemon Pound Cake” and “Will You Help Me Repair My Door,” both bemoaned the financial and emotional harm brought about by an ultimately unjustified police raid on his residence. They were strange as heck, to be sure, but they were passionate. They were poignant, and humorous, and referred to the unfair criminal justice system in America—even if they are also money grabs.

However, “Hunter Got High” is merely phoney and exudes the same rigidity that ruins almost all conservative comedy. Even though Afroman has criticisms of the Biden administration, which I’m sure not many Americans have without, attempting to graft a right-wing anthem with a Hunter Biden theme onto a song that is already 20 years old and losing relevance feels, at best, outdated and, at worst, like a callous attempt to profit monetarily from anti-human political forces. (If you thought the song was awful, wait till you see the accompanying music video.)

However, if you believe Afroman has a good idea, you may support him by voting for him in the autumn presidential election—that is if his new Republican allies allow us.

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