Don't miss these 10 lines of Nick Daniels iii Life. find out....

Don't miss these 10 lines of Nick Daniels iii Life. find out....

Dumpstaphunk bassist and vocal artist Nick Daniels III passed away on Friday, April 26th

Renowned for his distinctive, elastic bass tone and wisdom everyone in the band loved him.

His passing is a devastating loss to the music culture of New Orleans and beyond

Daniels was one of two bassists for the renowned band Dumpstaphunk

His significant contributions transcended the role of a mere bass player, elevating their music beyond simplistic baselines

While it's impossible to fully capture his impact on the music scene, funk, and his family, it won't be an exaggeration to say that Nick Daniels was beloved by every band, club, venue, and family he encountered

He had a remarkable ability to speak his mind with intelligence, grace, and conviction, and he always managed to find a positive perspective even in difficult situations

Galactic bassist Robert Mercurio shared a heartfelt tribute to Nick Daniels on Facebook on Saturday

As a young bassist in the New Orleans music scene, Mercurio cherished the moments they spent together, always finding inspiration in Daniels' warm smile and engaging conversations

Daniels and Ivan Neville were lifelong friends and bandmates