Christie Brinkley’s ex-husband Billy Joel serenades her at a concert 30 years after the split in 2024

Christie Brinkley’s ex-husband Billy Joel serenades her at a concert 30 years after the split in 2024

Christie Brinkley may be one of Billy Joel’s several ex-wives, but she is his only “Uptown Girl.”

The 70-year-old supermodel was spotted during Joel’s performance on Friday in New York City. Brinkley seemed happy as she moved back and forth to Joel’s 1983 song “Uptown Girl,” which was retrieved by Fox News Digital. The entire audience could see her on the jumbotron.

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Billy Joel 10 Secret:-

Brinkley may be singing along from a different viewpoint of the scene recorded and posted on TikTok.

Despite their 1994 divorce, the pair have stayed friends. Alexa Ray Joel, their daughter, performed at Joel’s concert on Friday.

Alexa Ray Joel performed with her father, Billy Joel, on April 26 at Madison Square Garden.

The vocalist of “Piano Man” is nearing the end of his January 2014–July 2024 tenure at Madison Square Garden.

Joel ultimately acknowledged in 2010 that “Uptown Girl” was written with Brinkley in mind (she did feature in the music video), but he clarified that there was more to the tale.

“I wasn’t even dating Christie when I started writing the song, I was dating Elle [Macpherson],” Joel said on “The Howard Stern Show.” While he was working on the song, he recalled being surrounded by Brinkley, Macpherson, and Whitney Houston.

“I started creating a song called ‘Uptown Girls’ because of this. There were several of them. He spoke about the abundance of attractive women around him, saying, “I couldn’t believe the circumstance I was in.

Pictures show Joel seemingly singing passionately to Brinkley. 

Joel, 74, claimed that because of his connection with Brinkley, the song’s meaning shifted when he and Macpherson parted ways. After that, when I started seeing Christie, it stopped being about all these various females and instead, she became the ‘Uptown Girl.’ I began by writing about just one individual.”

After four marriages, the model and musician have both since moved on. Richard Taubman and Brinkley were temporarily wed in 1994. Peter Cook was her husband from 1996 till 2008. Together, they are parents of two kids.

Joel wed Katie Lee in 2004, but the two parted ways in 2009. Alexis Roderick is his wife at the moment. There are two girls in the relationship.

Christie Brinkley ‘open’ to finding love but laments lack of options: ‘Doesn’t seem to be anybody out there’

Christie Brinkley, the supermodel, is still open to love, but she is unsure if there is a worthy partner out there.

Although Brinkley “remains open” to a romance, she has acknowledged that she is apprehensive about the dating scene.

She bemoaned to People magazine that “there just doesn’t seem to be anybody out there.”

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Brinkley has been married four times, most notably to architect Peter Cook and the musician Billy Joel.

“At the same time,” she said, “I am pretty comfortable with my life the way it is, so, que será, será!”

“I always said my whole life that I think that you have to be happy alone so that you get with a man for the right reasons and you’re not clinging to him because you need to, you know?”

Even as late as 2022, Brinkley said she would not pursue a popular route to find love.

She said of using a dating app, “Nope, never,” in an interview with Social Life magazine.

“My love life is that I love life,” Brinkley asserted to People in 2020, following her split with musician John Mellencamp. “The love of my life is my life.”

Beginning in 2015, she and Mellencamp dated for a year, connecting via their shared families.

“There’s something nice about just being the same age when it comes to relationships,” Brinkley said to People of Mellencamp during their courtship. When it comes to them maybe getting married, she stated, “You never really know what’s going to happen.” “John and I both lead quite busy lives. We’re simply attempting to enjoy one other’s company when we can get together and avoid putting undue strain on it.”

Just days ahead of her 70th birthday, Brinkley is relishing life as it is. 

“I’m going to have an amazing year, even though I have a few days left in my Sexy Sixties before dancing into my Sensational Seventies on February 2nd! I’m old enough to understand that it’s my responsibility to ensure that things go as planned, so I know,” she posted on Instagram.

“I used to tell my kids to go out and make the most of the day, and now I tell myself that I’m going to make the most of this year! I feel fortunate and thankful to be here after several near misses; I simply can’t believe I got here so quickly! Time flies, so here’s my advice to all of you young people out there: “Live it up, laugh, and love it!”

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