Masked Singer: Who’s Who in Season 11?

The Masked Singer Reveals Group A Winner on Queen Night After Dramatic Double Elimination

Masked Singer Reveals Ugly Sweater as Charlie Wilson (2024):

There is at last a winner on The Masked Singer! Not of Season 11 as a whole, but of Group A alone, who waved goodbye to their ousted rivals and was awarded a ceremonial sceptre.

It was the Group A finals and the show was called Queen Night (after the band Queen). In the double elimination episode, Ugly Sweater, who had put on one of his best performances to date, was regretfully sent home first and did not get to join Poodle Moth and Clock in the Final Four. Don’t miss: Masked Singer’s Goldfish Revealed? We’re All in This (Theory) Together

Thoughts on who he might be varied from Al Green to Aaron Neville to Smokey Robinson, only Robin Thicke was able to predict the truth in the end: Ugly Sweater was taken off, revealing 13-time Grammy-nominated R&B singer Charlie Wilson.

Ultimately, Goldfish emerged victorious in Group A, while Ugly Sweater and Starfish (whose identities we revealed!) were undisguised and eliminated.

Did you guess who the well-known faces were behind Starfish and Ugly Sweater? And who do you think is the final member in Group A standing?

Continue reading for an alphabetized list of all the contestants we have met thus far, along with our most optimistic forecasts. While you’re down there, leave a comment with your theories.

1. AFGHAN HOUND (Savannah Chrisley!)

EPISODE 2 CLUES: AFGHAN HOUND’s parents, two siblings, and other family members are all eccentrics. Before they recently split up, they were a big hit on television together. Even though she is aware of her poor singing abilities, she is learning to laugh through her suffering and is just having fun. A shark-tooth necklace and a house key were among her visual cues.

TVLINE’S BEST GUESS: Thankfully, we didn’t have to use any mental energy attempting to deduce who was hiding behind this disguise. Episode 2’s conclusion showed her to be… From Chrisley Knows Best, Savannah Chrisley.


EPISODE 2 CLUES: For these two, wherever they are together is “home.” There was a time when they had “40 million eyes” on them and everyone was trying to set them against one another. Because of one Beet’s head and the other Beet’s heart, these co-stars claim to get along well. “Now all we have to do is summon the courage to show up together,” they uttered. “It will feel like a return to our origins.”

TVLINE’S BEST GUESS: For this one, we were first thinking about comedic duos, which is how we came up with Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key. However, we’re now leaning toward Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken from American Idol.

3. BOOK (Kevin Hart!)

EPISODE 1 CLUES: This joker presents himself as having a broad vocabulary, including terms like “abhorrent” in his bundle. Despite having an elder brother who was always getting into trouble, he now earns “over 4 billion in the box office.” A detective badge, an “open mic night” sign, and a book named Animals 101 were among the other obvious hints.

TVLINE’S BEST GUESS:  As we have stated, only one celebrity could be the source of those tone-deaf screams. The judges and we both knew from the first “note” that Kevin Hart was wearing the outfit, but the comedian stole their moment of fame when he tore off his own helmet in a cute little fit of wrath.


EPISODE 2 CLUES: Despite “living life in technicolour,” Cleopatra was constantly concerned about the possibility of her empire collapsing. Her days, according to her, were divided between “horrendous black and white” and “gorgeous rainbows.” She felt evil, despite being referred to be a “national treasure.” Receiving the “never wanted” diagnosis and asking for assistance gave her the courage to put her abilities to good use. A “vacay!” tag and a Bel-Air sign were two further visual cues. Additionally, she performed her magic on a show that won an Emmy.

TVLINE’S BEST GUESS: You’re a kitten yourself if you believe that this cat is anyone other than Jenifer Lewis. The show that won an Emmy? somewhat black. Lewis’ daughter-in-law was called “Rainbow” on the show. Simply listen to her performance once more if you find that the hints are insufficient. There’s no mistaking that voice.


EPISODE 3 CLUES: Once upon a time, this “timeless” performer was the belle of the ball, causing everyone to dance till morning. As trends started to shift, she felt stuck in the past, but she ultimately succeeded in recreating herself. She even gave the president a performance! A baby, a golden globe, and a disco ball were among the other visual cues. And the Clock says, “I have a date in my name.”

EPISODE 4 CLUES: Concerning Clock’s durability in this industry, don’t worry; according to her, she is always getting “renewed.” Even if her marriage did not succeed, she was still left with two stunning children, which were the best presents she could have asked for. Two other visual cues were a car and a map with the Mississippi River Trail highlighted on it. Love Boat cast member Jill Whelan gave out a cruise ship as the final clue, and Clock responded, “It’s my personal experience that love and a boat go together to create a hit.”

EPISODE 5 CLUES: “We love a curtain call in my line of work,” exclaimed Clock, who reportedly defeated celebrities like Aretha Franklin and Natalie Cole to win a major prize. The drawback? She decided not to give her mop an acceptance speech, so she stayed at home! A sugar heart on a t-shirt that reads “sweet” and an alarm clock are two more visual cues. She said to Nick Cannon, “This isn’t the first time you’ve roasted me,” which is even more perplexing. (Or did it get “hosted”? Those masks make it difficult to hear!)

TVLINE’S BEST GUESS: We didn’t realize who Clock was until her third appearance, but it turns out that she’s Thelma Houston! She defeated Aretha Franklin and Natalie Cole to win the 1978 Grammy for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance. She has reportedly performed for presidents and was also a Golden Globes performer in 1975, according to a paragraph on the Project Angel Food website.


EPISODE 1 CLUES: This self-proclaimed paparazzi magnet “made a splash overnight,” yet she felt trapped in a fishbowl as a result of her fame. The Goldfish broke the trend by deciding to “dive into deeper, darker, edgier waters” rather than playing it safe. She declares, “Whenever I do anything, I aim for the gold.” A container of candy hearts, lipstick kisses, and Cinderella’s glass slipper were among the other visual cues. A gold record was the first “big” hint she had. “Let the record show that gold is my lucky colour,” she says.

EPISODE 6 CLUES: Like her mother, Goldfish had seen herself married young, but dating in Hollywood has been challenging. She explains, “Imagine trying to move on when your ex-partners are literally everywhere you look, even on TikToks made out of your run-ins!” A vampire bat, police sirens, and a snow globe were among the other visual cues. Finally, “Goldfish famously put her heart, soul, and tears into her work” may provide some insight.

EPISODE 7 CLUES: The night before she was scheduled to play her ideal role, Goldfish remembered a terrible moment when she lost her biggest fan. Ken Jeong and her were coworkers once. A wizard’s hat and an island map were two further visual cues.

TVLINE’S BEST GUESS: We will be stunned if Goldfish turns out to be anyone other than Vanessa Hudgens. Her voice is instantly recognized, and several of the clues—particularly the one about her streak of well-known ex-partners—are spot-on. (Austin Butler and Zach Efron, anyone?) In addition, the vampire bat from Episode 6 was a direct allusion to her appearance in Freaks of Nature (2015). The most evident hint is related to loss; Hudgens notably experienced her father’s passing not long before she was required to perform as Rizzo in Fox’s Grease: Live.


EPISODE 2 CLUES: Gumball was “a little rusty” when we first met him, just like the Tin Man. He would do anything to amuse people, such as beatboxing in the street, and once, after winning a tournament, he was jeered off the stage! A heart clock, a scary spider, and an American South map were among the other visual cues. Regarding the last one, Gumball remarks, “I actually might be a superhero, but Tin Man always had the heart of a superhero.”

TVLINE’S BEST GUESS: Alright, so what about this guy from the South who has a superhuman heart and golden pipes? Zachary Levi, who was born in Louisiana and went on to appear in several musicals, immediately comes to mind. Regarding the superhero aspect, we have a single statement for you: Whoosh!

8. KOALA (DeMarcus Ware!)

EPISODE 6 CLUES: At first, this potential native of Colorado “wasn’t superstar material,” but these days, he claims, you can’t stop talking about him. Additionally, it appears that he “ranks among the greatest of all time” on a short list. A yellow rose, a boat captain’s hat, a wrestling championship belt, a Texas longhorn skull with a tiny red cowboy hat on it, and other visual cues were also there.

TVLINE’S BEST GUESS: Shortly after his introduction, Koala was removed, so we never had a chance to guess who it was—football legend DeMarcus Ware!

9. LIZARD (Sisqó!)

EPISODE 3 CLUES: This self-described “ladies’ man” claims that his career-long reputation as a bad boy was well-earned. But when his lifelong love of his threatened to leave him, everything turned upside down. He changed his ways because of her pregnancy, and now his family’s favourite show to watch is The Masked Singer. Lizard continues, “I see people for who they are on the inside, despite some of my better-known hits. I’ve had a No. 1 billboard, and I’m not talking about Times Square. A heart-shaped lollipops and a crab on an ice cream cone were two more visual cues.

EPISODE 4 CLUES: Growing up, The Lizard had a passion for cartooning and even received an opportunity to work at an animation firm that isn’t identified. (You can interpret his statement that “the Mouse was chasing the Lizard pretty hard” any way you saw fit.) To the dismay of his father, Lizard chose to pursue a career as a performer. Cowboy boots and a doll of the Lizard in a collector box were two further visual cues. He performed the Scooby-Doo theme tune because, once, a dog assisted him in becoming more well-known.

EPISODE 5 CLUES: Lizard ran with a rough crew and as a result had seen the inside of a jail cell when he was much younger. A picture of Justin Timberlake, a dragon, and an extremely low thermometer were among the other visual cues. Rita Ora was subsequently informed by him that they “both have won the same out-of-this-world award.”

TVLINE’S BEST GUESS: After Episode 3, we kind of took a chance on Sisqó, but now we’re rather confident. Shall we say, “paw-sitive,” instead? Not only did his song “Incomplete” top the Billboard Charts, but the dog he voiced in the 2002 film Snow Dogs really assisted him in getting more exposure. When he was revealed in Episode 5, our suspicions were validated. Lizard, let’s see that thong now!

10. LOVEBIRD (Colton Underwood!)

EPISODE 1 CLUES: The Lovebird, a self-described “hopeless romantic,” lives her whole life driven by love, either out of a need for it or out of fear of losing it. He claims that “love makes you do wild things.” A wedding cake without a bride, a watch with the number one on it, an award for “most lovable,” and a pair of golden cleats were among the other visual cues. A TV set with the words “leading man” on it served as his main hint. “I may make for a great lovebird, but I’m even better as a leading man,” the unidentified competitor says.

EPISODE 6 CLUES: The Lovebird says, “I ran with it because I was celebrated even though the world knew me as someone I wasn’t.” Lovebird has been using his voice for good, “helping people from courthouses to White Houses,” ever since he used the truth to free himself. A camera with the words “24/7” on it, a checkered racing flag, and some golden popcorn were some other visual cues. Lovebird would not be the first reality TV star to make history by winning the Golden Mask.

TVLINE’S BEST GUESS: We quickly realized that a past Bachelor was upsetting those feelings, and although we originally thought it would be Sean Lowe, the hints that the Lovebird was concealing his true identity made us think of Colton Underwood instead, who made history on reality TV by being the first Bachelor star to subsequently come out as homosexual. And sure enough, during “Transformers Night,” when Lovebird revealed her true identity, Underwood reappeared.


EPISODE 3 CLUES: Poodle Moth has always been “drawn to the flame,” but she didn’t think she belonged in the bright lights. She decided to take a backseat and assist others in realizing their aspirations since she didn’t believe she was attractive, humorous, or skilled enough to succeed. When she played at the Grand Ole Opry, she felt like a big shot. Paper lanterns, a cowboy hat, and a book with an American flag on the cover were among the other visual cues.

EPISODE 4 CLUES: Poodle Moth, poor thing. All of the letters she sent her father were returned unopened when he departed when she was very small. Ultimately, she had to send a letter to herself that said, “You are enough.” She now uses her gift to support children who might not feel worthy enough. There were also comedy/tragedy masks, cats on stamps and letters, fireflies in a jar, and lighthouses as further visual cues. “I have a very special connection to Gilmore Girls that hits very close to home,” was the huge clue that finally emerged.

EPISODE 5 CLUES: Due to the challenging circumstances in her childhood home, she resorted to music, which has always served as her form of rehabilitation. One other visual cue was a house with a “3” around it. She told Robin Thicke that she had previously worked with his father, citing that encounter as one of the pinnacles of both her professional and personal lives.

TVLINE’S BEST GUESS: After meeting Poodle Moth in Episode 3, we were at a loss for words, but at her follow-up appearance a week later, everything finally clicked. It’s Chrissy Metz, friends. She has performed at the Grand Ole Opry. Lastly, Milo Ventimiglia, better known as Jess Mariano, portrayed her father on This Is Us, which is her “connection” to the Gilmore Girls.

Masked Singer Goldfish Revealed? We’re All in This (Theory) Together

Masked Singer’s Goldfish Revealed? We’re All in This (Theory) Together

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