Masked Singer’s Goldfish Revealed? We’re All in This (Theory) Together

Masked Singer Goldfish Revealed? We’re All in This (Theory) Together

Perhaps this is the beginning of the much-awaited disclosure. Wednesday (Fox, 8/7c) sees Goldfish return to The Masked Singer for the Group A finals, but we’ve had enough and know precisely who she is.

Since she began singing in the Season 11 opener, we’ve been pretty sure we have this one figured out, and we’ve grown even more convinced after seeing her hints. Wildcats pay attention—we’re calling it now: Vanessa Hudgens is Goldfish.

How are we aware? That voice again. You’ve probably been exposed to Hudgens’ distinctive sound since seeing the High School Musical trilogy. We would recognize that anywhere, and it is definitely true for us.

Let’s talk about a few of the most blatant hints that Goldfish has dropped during her two appearances on the show so far. A jar of candy hearts alluded to Hudgens’s campaign for the fashion brand Candies; a snow globe hinted at her roles in several holiday films, including The Knight Before Christmas; a bat might be a reference to her starring role as a vampire in the 2015 film Freaks of Nature; and a Cinderella slipper, a nod to her starring role in Netflix’s Princess Switch franchise.

In addition, Goldfish bemoaned the difficulty of dating in Hollywood and her inability to move on from her ex-partners. And if Zac Efron and Austin Butler were your ex-boyfriends, wouldn’t it be difficult to stay away from them?

Do you agree with our idea about Hudgens, or do you believe that Goldfish’s outfit is actually masking another celebrity?

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