Longtime Fortnite Developer Reveals Why Nintendo Wouldn’t Let Samus Join the Party in 2024

Fortnite will let players hide mean emotes in 2024

Samus Aran, a representative of Nintendo, was never allowed to be added to Fortnite as a playable character. Former Epic Games Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard has explained why.

Because of the extensive cast of characters from games, TV shows, and movies, Fortnite has endured as one of the most popular crossover titles in popular culture for almost seven years. With characters like Master Chief and Kratos from the PlayStation and Xbox franchises already playable, many fans anticipated that a Nintendo figure would eventually enter the fray. Excitement increased even more when documents surfaced that showed Epic had originally thought about including someone like Samus.

Mustard did note that there is now little likelihood of seeing the sci-fi bounty hunter in Fortnite. In an interview with Stephen Totilo’s Game File, he talked candidly about some behind-the-scenes discussions at Epic, claiming Nintendo had little interest in its characters showing up on other platforms. Don’t Miss:- The Masked Singer Reveals Group A Winner on Queen Night After Dramatic Double Elimination

Fortnite is adding a toggle to disable ‘confrontational emotes’ including Laugh it Up and Take the L

To prevent excessive taunting from other players, Epic Games is introducing a new feature to Fortnite that will allow users to turn off “confrontational” emotes.

Players will be able to choose whether or not to view “certain emotes that are sometimes used in confrontational ways” with the new “See Confrontational Emotes” option, according to Epic. When they are toggled off, there won’t be an emote sound and other players performing the offending emotes will just stand motionless.

he setting will apply to four emotes:

  • Laugh It Up
  • Take the L
  • Whipcrack
  • Make It Plantain

The emotes can be turned off entirely or made visible only to friends at your party. By default, the emotes are only shown to people in your party. It makes no difference to how you can utilize emotes.

It’s one thing to take a little trash-talking from friends, but another thing entirely when an abrasive stranger is doing this in your face all goddamn day long:

Epic stated on Twitter, “We want emotes to be a source of good vibes, but a few (cough Take the L cough) can sometimes feel a bit overly confrontational,” and I believe that to be a reasonable assessment. Although I’m not a huge fan of emotes—a polite way of expressing that I can never remember the necessary key combinations—I am aware that these things, including harmless gestures and emotes, can occasionally be exploited in a derogatory manner.

In response to Epic’s tweet, some users have expressed disapproval of the action, adopting the cliched “if you can’t stand the heat” stance toward attempts to lessen the toxic nature of games (and, of course, reposting the “Take the L” emote). Some clarify that this is a toggle, not a deletion, and that users are still free to view these emote in all their splendor. It’s just a means of lessening the unpleasantness and aggravation for individuals who find the “I’m better than you” dramas offensive.

“They would be thrilled to have Nintendo characters in Fortnite, but just only if it’s on their platform.”

“They got hung up on their characters showing up on platforms that weren’t their platforms,” Mustard said.

Almost every gaming device that users can obtain has access to Fortnite. If Mario were to show up in Fortnite on the Switch, he would also have to show up on the Xbox, PlayStation, and even mobile devices.

“They would be thrilled to have Nintendo characters in Fortnite, but just only if it’s on their platform,” he said.

Samus might one day be made available just on the Nintendo Switch by Epic, but Mustard stated that the business has no intention of limiting access to its material for other users.

“That is a need, no matter what, and that is how Epic and I feel. “We aim to ensure that the Fortnite experience remains consistent regardless of the screen or device being used,” he stated.

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